What To Wear For Headshots

If you need a picture taken for any reason—business or personal—it's a good idea to know what to wear for headshots. The right style and color can make you look your best, while the wrong thing can make people wonder what planet you're from. It's not rocket science, but it is an art to keep some tips in mind

  1. Wear a color near your face that contrasts with your skin tones. If you have fair skin and wear a beige top, your head shot will look washed out.
  2. Solids are better than most prints. Busy patterns will distract from what people want to see in a head shot—your face.
  3. Wear a flattering neckline. Most people should avoid wearing turtlenecks in head shots, or they risk looking like a turtle. That's one of those Duh! tips.
  4. Wear a V-neck or a dress shirt and tie. The V-neck will elongate your neck, and the dressy duds will give you more of a business look. A collared golf shirt with the top button left open will give you the V-neckline. If the head shot is to help you get a job, go with the dress shirt and tie.
  5. Jackets and blazers should contrast with your dress shirt. The best option that will work for almost any professional position is to wear a white shirt with a navy or dark gray jacket and a burgundy tie.
  6. Avoid ties with bold patterns. A simple print with stripes or other small-scale design will be appropriate for any occasion.
  7. Leave the shiny jewelry at home. You don't want to risk the flash on the shiny gold necklace getting all the attention when people see your head shot.
  8. Press your clothes. No matter what you decide to wear for your head shots, crumpled clothing will make you look homeless. If you don't have time to iron your shirt, take it to the cleaners for a quick pressing.

If you're in doubt about what to wear for your head shots, bring a couple of options. A professional photographer should have a good eye for what will work in your photos.

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