What To Wear With High Tops

High tops were originally worn by basketball players, but are now common enough to be a fashion statement, thus leaving people wondering what to wear with high tops. They have a tendency to come in bright colors, cool designs and are very noticeable. Pairing high tops with the right clothing can be difficult, but once you have the expertise you will be able to rock them like you're in the NBA.

  1. Notice the colors of your high tops, are they all black? Purple? Lime green and pink? Whatever the case, high tops are such a standout item to wear that it is best not to compete with them by wearing other crazy patterns or designs. On the top half, pairing the shoes with a graphic T-shirt and zip up hooded sweatshirt gives you a hip, urban look, and is great for casual settings. High tops would also very authentic with basketball shirts and a jersey, considering that is a throwback to the shoe's history.
  2. Dress your high tops up by wearing them out for a night on the town. Pairing them with some skinny or straight dark wash jeans would help you pull of this look. If your shoes are mainly black with some red on them, for example, consider wearing a red button up with a black dress sweater or cardigan over top. This will make you look polished, put-together and others will see that you know how to wear these awesome shoes.
  3. Remember that high tops are a retro trend, stemming from the 1980s, so wearing them with other clothes from that era, or styles that have been influence from that decade would enhance the over all look. This would be things such as skinny jeans, over-sized sunglasses or a colorful hooded sweater.
  4. See how high top shoes work for you by trying them with different pieces in your closet. This way you can see for yourself what goes with these shoes, and what does not. High tops are meant to stand out and be noticed, so have fun with this style, keeping in mind the tips you have learned so that you can enhance this already unique look.
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