What To Wear On Holiday

While you are not required to dress in a certain way, knowing what to wear on holiday can be the difference from making a good impression and being labeled behind your back. There is a sad state of holiday dressing that makes men look like oversized toddlers in their too-short knit shorts and too-tight T-shirts. It is a unspoken law of the universe that when you are dressed your worst, that is when you will run into someone. This is all the more true on holiday. Do not find yourself in an uncomfortable situation of meeting a client in a store while dressed inappropriately. Sure your outfit is comfortable, but so is a simple casual outfit like the ones suggested below.

  1. Start with a tailored pair of shorts. Wear a simple straight legged pair of above the knee shorts. Purchase the right size and they will be just as comfortable as those ugly knit shorts without the unfortunate riding up that can occur.
  2. Choose khakis for a holiday outing. It takes so little to make your outfit appropriate for sightseeing, dinners out or even puttering at home on your holiday. Be ready to answer the door or go out on a spur of the moment. 
  3. Pick lightweight shirts. Loose shirts made from a soft fabric work well. Pair with shorts or khakis and look fashionable while kicking back on holiday.  Dressing nice doesn't mean stuffy. Wear these shirts with the sleeves rolled up and untucked or even unbuttoned over a T-shirt.  Have a variety of comfortable shirts to wear while on holiday. 
  4. Add a few cotton polo shirts. Look for colorful tops to wear that are not too tight. Polos create a polished look without any effort, which is perfect when looking for something to wear. Holidays are not the time to fuss about outfits, that is why shopping for comfortable and presentable clothes is important.
  5. Have a sport coat or light weight jacket on hand for cool evenings or trips to a restaurant. A bonus to dressing appropriately on holiday is that going out is a snap. You can easily throw a nice sport coat over decent holiday clothes as outlined above and be ready for a night on the town.    
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