What To Wear To The Horse Races

Knowing what to wear to the horse races is an essential part of the entire experience. What you wear to the horse race is just as important as the race. Follow these tips to ensure you are dressed to the nines when going to your next horse race.

  1. Keep it casual. If you're not going for the dressiest look in town, you can still look stylish and keep it casual. A nice pair of khakis paired with a nice button down dress shirt is perfect to wear to the horse races. In the springtime, a nice pink or lighter colored shirt looks really nice for the horse races. Add a nice pair of dress shoes and you will be ready to cheer on your favorite horse.
  2. Go all out. If you're looking to get all dressed up for the horse races, pull out your favorite suit and you'll be good to go. Nothing looks better to wear to the horse races than a nice, solid colored suit. If you're wearing a black suit, put a bright colored handkerchief in your pocket for a little added flair. You can even go all out and wear a nice, bright colored dress shirt with your suit. Wear a solid colored tie to make your shirt stand out. If you're wearing a tan colored suit, pair it with a nice, white dress shirt and a stylish tie.
  3. Don't forget the hat. Perhaps the most important part of what you wear to the horse races is the hat you choose. Whether you are going more casual or dressing up, wearing a hat is a must at the horse races. The earlier you begin your search for the perfect hat, the better. You want to be sure you color-coordinate your hat with what you're wearing.


Going to the horse races makes getting dressed up fun. Look through your closet before you go out and buy something to wear. You can probably come up with something fashionable just by putting together some of the clothing you already own.

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