What To Wear To A House Party

Sometimes, trying to figure out what to wear to a house party may pose a dilemma. Certain influences impact your choice of attire such as where the house party is being held, whether the hostess has asked for a certain standard of dress and how well you know the people at the party. If you are baffled with regards to what to wear to a house party, check out the following guidelines for some ideas to help you fit in and feel comfortable.

Ask the host or hostess if there is a particular kind of attire requested. The most obvious and easiest way to find out what to wear to a house party is to ask the hose. There may be a theme or a particular reason for the part that dictates certain attire. For example, a pool party requires casual dress, and a quiet dinner house party may require that you wear simple date clothes or that little black dress.

Find out who's going to be at the party. Is the party being hosted by a close friend or a business associate? Do you know the other attendees? Unless there is a specific theme or reason for the party that requires theme-related attire, the more familiar you are with the people, the more comfortable you will likely feel. In the instance where you attend a house party with friends, anything goes and generally the attire leans more toward casual wear, like jeans or a comfortable pair of slacks and a nice shirt.

Always dress tastefully if the house party is one where you don't know most of the people, such as a party for your spouse's office associates. Dress down, wearing clothing that is comfortable but not flashy. Keep the flashy beach clothes for another time, unless you are attending a beach party. Wearing clothes that are neutral in color and style allows you the freedom of blending in or standing out based on your personality and level of interaction at the house party.

Don't be afraid to stand out if the situation calls for it. If you are invited to a house party where there is a definite theme such as a Hawaiian luau, a mystery dinner or a masquerade, be bold and take advantage of the opportunity to express yourself. Dress the part and do it well.

The most important thing to remember when you are puzzling over what to wear to a house party is to choose clothes that are comfortable and make you feel confident. Make sure waist bands are loose so you can eat in comfort, and bring along a sweater or light weight jacket in case it gets chilly.

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