What To Wear Ice Skating

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn what to wear ice skating. No matter if you are a serious competitor, or are simply looking for a good time, wearing the right clothes can keep you feeling comfortable and warm.

  1. Properly fitting ice skate. This may seem obvious–but most people have a very difficult time choosing the right pair of ice skates that fit them properly. Ice skates that are too small can cause blisters and general discomfort, while skates that are too big can cause more serious injuries such as falls and twisted ankles. Consult with a skating professional or salesperson to find a pair of ice skates that is the proper size for your feet.
  2. Water-proof gloves or mittens. This is probably the most important piece of clothing you can wear when going ice skating. While ice skating, people fall all them time–even experts! And therefore, it is important to have a way to protect your hands from the cold. While traditional knit gloves or mittens may initially protect your hands in the event of a fall, eventually they will become extremely wet. This will not only be uncomfortable, but may actually result in frostbite.
  3. A warm jacket. Finally, a warm jacket is essential if you are going ice skating. Like the gloves a warm jacket will not only keep your protected against potential falls, but can also be essential in the prevention of frostbite. Look for a jacket that is both warm and relatively light weight for optimal results.
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