What To Wear In Ireland

Although the wearin' of the green is a St. Patrick's Day favorite, choosing what to wear in Ireland when visiting is slightly more complicated than putting on green from head to toe. Between the variations in the weather and the choices of activities, a few well-thought, coordinating items of clothing will serve you well in Ireland.

  1. Bring a rain coat and umbrella when choosing what to wear in Ireland. The country isn't lusciously green by coincidence. The wet, misty, rainy weather is a near constant and dry clothes are never guaranteed. A packable nylon raincoat and an umbrella that can be tucked into a purse or back pack will end up being your best friends.
  2. Go casual but not sloppy. Wearing casual slacks and a shirt when visiting Ireland will help you blend in with the locals. Blending in is a good thing. Prices are often less for the local residents and you can travel in anonymity, enjoying the sites. People who are obvious tourists are often targeted by pick-pockets and hucksters trying to make a buck from tourism. Jeans may be comfortable, but they are not the best clothes to wear in Ireland unless you want the perpetual label of American tourist.
  3. Pack a sweater or a jacket when you are selecting what to wear in Ireland. The weather in Ireland tends to be cool most of the time, and having outerwear to keep you warm comes in handy most days.
  4. Wear comfortable, broken-in walking shoes and bring an extra pair. There are so many places to see in Ireland that require walking, you'll want sturdy shoes most days. Many of those places are in the country and the ground is often wet, muddy or both. Bring along an extra pair of shoes to switch with ones that may be wet.
  5. While considering what shoes to bring, plan to add a few pair of comfortable hiking socks that wick away perspiration and cushion your feet against blisters. Wool and cotton are always popular sock materials, but check out some of the new high-tech fibers being used in socks. They help make the socks more durable in addition to keeping feet dry and cozy.
  6. Pack a hat and gloves when planning what to wear in Ireland, especially if you travel in the colder months. You'll be happy to have these with you when exploring the castles and cairns of the ancient kings of Ireland.
  7. If you plan to stay in a resort or lager hotel with an indoor pool, pack a bathing suit, cover-up and flip flops for those times when you just can't resist an invigorating swim. Your flip flops can double as slippers.
  8. For those special evenings, pack an outfit you can wear in Ireland for a dressy occasion at the theater or when going out to a fancy restaurant. Choose clothes that pack well and don't need ironing. Remember to bring a pair of dressier shoes to go with your outfit and for days when you are not out in the country hiking.
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