What To Wear In Israel

Israel is a melting pot of cultures and faith and so is its fashion, therefore, it is important to know what to wear in Israel. Tourists always stand out until they learn what to wear in Israel. It doesn’t take long because Israel’s unique fashion style is infectious in its beauty. If you wish to learn what to wear in Israel before you ever get there, open your mind up to Europe’s sense of style, the Mediterranean’s rough cotton fabrics and India’s exotic embroidered silks. And, of course, suit what you wear in Israel to where you’re headed.

  • What to wear in Israel’s Cities. Forget about comfort. What you wear in Israeli cities should make you look good first and foremost. Both stylish women and men in Israel wear fashion that conceals flab but highlights sexual curves. Men will wear straight-cut jeans with a tight sweater or chic T-shirt. Women will never wear anything drab, be it Indian flowing skirts with silk camisole tops, or embroidered jeans with a studded T-shirt. In short, what you wear in Israel’s cities should capitalize on all your natural assets, making you look naturally attractive.
  • What to wear to the beach in Israel. Quite another fashion show goes on at Israel’s beaches. Forget about dressing for a hardy barbecue. What you wear to the beach in Israel takes style up another notch. Now you have the chance to look good in a bathing suit. Admittedly women have the upper hand here, with a rich array of bathing costumes with matching skirts, sheer tops, and endless imaginative ways of revealing and concealing at the same time. What men wear to the beach in Israel is just as sexual and there are two distinct options, the bikini bathing suit, or an old pair of jeans or shorts converted into something to wear with an off-hand yet stylish carelessness.
  • What to wear to the “old cities” in Israel. In this historical country, many cities have old sections, like Jaffa, Akko and Jerusalem. Here you will meet Arab speaking Israelis or Palestinians, and what you wear in Israel’s old cities should fit this other culture. In summer, woman can wear long, Arabian skirts from local markets with a tank top, while men can wear knee length shorts and T-shirts. As winter clothes are less revealing, though still stylish, you can wear the same European fashion in Israel’s old cities that you would in the new, but incorporate comfortable shoes that can handle the crooked, ancient cobbles.
  • What to wear in Israel at night. Fashion in Israel is more dramatic at night. The Indian and Arabian skirts are set aside for a sleek, European look. What you wear in Israel at night should make you look slim, tall and sexy. Women will wear high heels with sheer stockings, to show off their legs. Men will wear straight cut jeans or sleek pants, with the latest European fashions in shoes and tops. The colors you wear in Israel at night are more muted, blacks taking the place of bright floral hues.
  • What to wear in Israel to religious places. Israel’s religious significance is unmatched around the world. And what you wear in Israel when visiting religious spots is not merely a question of fashion. Here you must show respect to the history and heritage of the place. What women wear in Israel’s religious places is more toned down. Long skirts or pants with loose shirts and ones that will not leave their belly buttons exposed. Men are not expected to conceal their sexuality, but what men wear in Israel’s religious places is just as important. Always wear shoes and a shirt, no matter how hot the day is, and conceal any tattoos behind shirt sleeves or pant legs. For highly religious places like synagogues or mosques, women will have to wear a scarf over their hair if they are married and be expected to wear long skirts and shirts that cover their arms past their elbows. While men will be expected not to wear tank tops or shorts.
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