What To Wear For Jogging

Have you ever wondered what to wear for jogging? Many people have turned to jogging to burn fat at an accelerated rate. With this in mind the best thing you can do for your body is to purchase well-fitting shoes and loose, lightweight clothing. Much of the outfit will depend on location and season. Keep this in mind when choosing clothing before a run. Layer clothing if the weather is cold. Wear gloves in cold weather.

  1. Socks. Socks made of synthetic fabrics are best. Cotton will keep moisture near the foot. Layer socks for additional blister protection.
  2. Shoes. A good running shoe designed for your foot is an important. Whether you are flat footed, have a high arch or a normal foot there are shoes available.
  3. Shirt. A T-shirt is a good place to start. Depending on season and location this can be worn under a sweat suit or jacket, or on its own
  4. Pants. One option is to wear a loose fitting track suit. This will not retain moisture near the skin as sweat pants made of cotton will.
  5. Shorts. Shorts that are loose and not made of cotton are best for running.
  6. Jogging after dark. Try to avoid wearing dark, single tone colors. Wearing a reflective vest or placing pieces of reflective or neon tape on the outfit will make sure you stand out to people passing by in vehicles. Be mindful of traffic, as drivers still may not notice you.
  7. Music. last but not least, take your MP3 player and head set with you for some added enjoyment.
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