What To Wear With Jordans

Are you wondering what to wear with your Jordans? Jordans are the one of the most expensive shoe on the market and been this way for many years. They can last a long time and comes in different styles and colors. Whether you are a collector of the shoes or a first time buyer, it is important to compliment these shoes with the right clothing. No need to figure it all out, get ideas on what to wear with Jordans.

  1. Wear blue jeans. It is no surprise to wear Jordans with blue jeans, because like any other sneaker, it goes well with everything. The color of the jeans is important, as it can make or break your look. Wear dark denim jeans as it stands out and shows off your shoes even more.
  2. Pick specific jeans that go well with your body type. As skinny jeans and hi tops becoming increasingly popular, some guys go with the idea of wearing skinny jeans, while others don’t like it. If you are unsure of wearing them, it is OK to look for other styles of jeans. You can wear Jordan’s with baggy or relaxed fit jeans. Relaxed jeans are slimmer and not too big or snug like skinny jeans. Baggy jeans have plenty of room for the legs and backside. What is important is going for is comfortable to you.
  3.  Wear the shoes with style. Do not cover the Jordans. Instead, make it stand out by tucking the front part of the jeans behind the shoe tongue. With this look, you do not have to worry about shoelaces coloring from your blue jeans.
  4. Match a top with your Jordans. Complete your look by wearing shirts that blends well with your Jordans. For all white Jordans, it is fine to wear any color shirts or tees as white is a basic color, the same can be applied to Jordan with mixture of colors to it.



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