What To Wear To Jury Duty

Your juror summons arrived in the mail and while you are happy to serve the cause of justice, you have no idea what to wear to jury duty. Consider your worry a good sign. Jury duty is a serious civic duty. So serious, in fact, that some jurisdictions enforce a strict dress code for jurors. Show respect for Lady Justice by choosing your clothes carefully.

  1. Think Airport-Style Security. Thanks to terrorism and threats against judges, walking into a courthouse feels a lot like an airport security checkpoint. Prepare ahead of time for metal detectors. Leave your metal jewelry or accessories at home. You will spare yourself frustration and the security team will appreciate you making their job easier.   
  2. The Right Pants for the Job. Business casual slacks are your best bet for jury duty. If your local courthouse allows denim, stick to darker, dressier colors with no rips or bleaching. Avoid shorts no matter what. Shorts look too sloppy and casual for jury duty. Some courthouses, including the United States District Court of Southern Carolina, prohibit shorts for that reason.
  3. Shirt Up. Choose a button down shirt. Some courts, such as the United States District Court of Southern Carolina, do not allow tee shirts or tank tops. A button down, business-casual shirt will fit the bill no matter the dress code. Plus it will demonstrate respect for your job as a juror.
  4. Shoes. Avoid overly casual shoes such as flip-flops or sandals. Instead, opt for loafers or dress shoes. If your toes stick out or if your shoes would look at home on a track, you have the wrong shoes for jury duty.


  • Check the website for your court district. Many courts post juror dress codes and guidelines on their websites, so you will know for sure whether your outfit passes muster. You may also call ahead with questions about the dress code for jury duty.
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