What To Wear With Keds

If you like the classic tennis shoe that has endured passed its initial popularity phase, you'll want to know what to wear with Keds. Keds were the ultimate cool look for teens in the 1980s and they are still sported by people of all ages. You can get classic Keds or new styles. They're all easily identifiable by the tag on the back bottom of the shoe or the smaller tag on the side of the shoe, making it better to wear at places where you don't want a big brand taking over the front of the shoe. Here are the best wardrobe choices to accompany your cool Keds.

  1. Wear jeans and a t-shirt with your Keds for a terrific casual look. This is a clean look that is perfect for going to the movies or hanging out with friends at a diner. There's no need to not have great shoes and a cool look to accentuate them, even when you're only doing the most casual of activities.
  2. Coordinate brightly colored Keds with a Hawaiian shirt or a patterned shirt that contains the same color and shade as your pair of Keds. Eccentric, casual and fun fashion is defined by this sort of look. It's definitely fun for summer and hanging by the beach or pool.
  3. Wear a pair of white shorts and coordinating shirt with your Keds. Since the bottom, outer rim of many Keds are white, opting for shorts that are the exact shade of the brighter colors of your Keds makes for a great look. One classic, fashionable look would be a black shirt with white shorts, combined with black Keds with a white trim.
  4. Wear your favorite outfit with Keds that you designed. Keds now offers a unique feature on its official website. You can take your favorite outfit and design Keds to match it. Pick everything, from the style to the colors to the coordinating patterns.
  5. Be a man in black with a black blazer, black shirt and black jeans. Wear this outfit with a pair of black Keds with chosen black rims. This can be a really comfortable, casual outfit for winter. It's probably too warm for summer, but it can be the ultimate in winter casual fashion for men.
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