What To Wear With Leather Jackets

Have you wondered what to wear with leather jackets? Men's leather comes in black, gray, white or brown. The style of the leather jacket will help to determine what to pair it with. Any shade of denim will work with all leather as will a casual pant.

  1. The blazer style leather is the exception as blazer style leather jackets can be dressed up with a suit or used casually with denim pants.  The shirt should be complementary to the color of the leather. Any color shirt will work well with black or white leather. Brown leather works best with colors like khaki, white, cream, black or brown shirt and pants. Gray leather will work best with gray, black, cream or white shirt and pants.
  2. A leather bomber jacket is usually black or brown and is a casual jacket that works best with denim, leather or casual pants. The same color rules as above apply.
  3. Jackets seem to vary in length with some ending where the waist ends and others that end at the bottom of the hip. The jacket style is a casual style that works best with denim, leather or casual fabrics for pants. The same color rules as above apply.
  4. The cycle jacket is made of using two to four colors of leather. They have black as an anchor color with most having white or white stripes running down the arm. These are meant for a sporty look and work best with denim, casual or more leather.



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