What To Wear To A Luau

Searching the closet for what to wear to a luau? It's easy. You just need a few simple pieces to put together to create a complete ensemble. Depending on who's throwing the party and the type of people attending, you can go with a conservative look, or go all out with a real Luau look.

  1. Find a Hawaiian shirt. You can't attend a luau without the customary loud print shirt. Just remember, the louder the better. Palm trees, tribal masks and pictures of surfboards are all perfectly acceptable for this type of event. In fact, this shirt may be something that you never wear out of the house again, unless you are headed to another luau.
  2. Find a comfy pair of shorts or pants. Don't wear jeans as it may cramp your style when the Limbo game begins. Shorts or pants should be loose fitting and give you the look of someone laid back and enjoying his time out. While it isn't mandatory, shorts can also have a loud printed pattern on be of an outrageous color.
  3. Sandals are a must. Don't wear tennis shoes or dress shoes to a luau. The idea is looking like you just walked onto the beach in the midst of your vacation. They can be of any type of material and there is no color restriction.
  4. A lei is usually worn around the neck. Depending on the party, you may need to bring a lei with you or plan to get a lei as you walk into the door of the party. This flower necklace ties in the theme of the party and most people attending will be spotted wearing one. (Usually, these are not made out of real flowers – – just plastic.)
  5. Feel like going all out? If you want to be the life of the party as well as the center of attention, you need to come up with a grass skirt as well as a coconut bra. While these may traditionally be worn by women, a man walking into a party dressed this way is sure to get a few laughs and instantly be considered the king of the luau. If you are feeling extra brave, make sure you don't have a shirt on under that coconut bra!
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