What To Wear With Madras Plaid Shorts

Few people know exactly what to wear with madras plaid shorts. When worn correctly they are a great addition to anyone's basic summer wardrobe, here are a few ideas.

  1. A plain t-shirt. A clean white t-shirt is one of the simplest and best things to wear with madras plaid shorts. A t-shirt keeps the ensemble casual and relaxed, one of the main goals of madras plaid shorts. This is a perfect go-to summer weekend look. If white isn't your style, grays or blues can also be a good compliment. Avoid anything too bright or anything that matches the shorts too closely.
  2. A basic polo shirt. If you need something a little dressier, try a polo shirt. A darker color like navy blue or dark grey will help to balance out the bright print on the bottom. Avoid trying to match the madras plaid too much or choosing a bright color that will end up looking over the top.
  3. A simple belt. Madras shorts tend to be loose fitting and can be paired with a plain belt to complete the look. Keep the belt simple and practical so it doesn’t compete with the shorts. Dark or medium browns are typically a good match for madras plaid.
  4. Casual summer shoes. Avoid pairing madras plaid shorts with dress shoes or sneakers. A pair of basic sandals or flip flops is right in line with the shorts’ casual feel and perfect if you're wearing your madras plaid shorts on the beach.  If you need something closed toed, a pair of boat shoes are also a good match for the preppy look of madras plaid shorts.
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