What To Wear To A Morning Wedding

Wondering what to wear to a morning wedding? The rules are different for a morning wedding, so the same style of dress you’re used to wearing to evening weddings won’t apply. Read on for tips on what to wear to a morning wedding to ensure you’re dressed to kill in the a.m. hours!

  1. Don’t overdress. What to wear to a morning wedding can be tricky, but you may be happy to know that morning weddings aren’t as formal as ones in the evening, so you definitely won’t need a tux. You need to be dressed nice enough that you look like a fashionable guest, but you also don’t want to be overdressed either.
  2. Suit up! Morning weddings call for a nice suit, or at least a sports coat and slacks. Don’t forget the tie!
  3. Colors matter. Lighter colors work well for a morning wedding, so man up and don’t be afraid of pastels!
  4. Embrace your inner flower. Floral designs look great for a morning wedding, just make sure you wear this pattern on only one piece of your outfit, or you’ll go from fashionable to questionable, very quickly. A floral tie adds a little pizzazz to an otherwise conservative suit.
  5. Pay attention to fabrics. Choose your fabric wisely depending on the time of year. Heavier fabrics work best in the fall and winter thanks to cooler weather, and lighter fabrics go hand in hand with spring and summer.
  6. Just say no to jeans. Never wear jeans to a morning wedding. They come across as very casual and won’t look appropriate.
  7. They call them flip flops for a reason. Never wear flip flops or sandals to a morning wedding or you and your outfit will become the flop of the wedding. Wear nice dress shoes instead.
  8. Shorts aren’t chic. Just because a morning wedding is casual doesn’t mean you can show up in a pair of shorts. Shorts are much too cavalier for an event like a wedding, so leave them at the beach where they belong. The jury’s still out on man-capris.
  9. Short-sleeved shirts are chic. Shorts aren’t cool for a morning wedding, but short-sleeved dress shirts are. If it’s warm outside, you can opt for a nice button down dress shirt without looking too casual. If the weather is cool, long-sleeved dress shirts work best.
  10. Keep cool in khakis. Men can wear khakis with a nice dress tie to a morning wedding and still look stylish and wedding-savvy.

The biggest thing to remember about what to wear to a morning wedding is that you should never under-dress. Just because morning weddings are more casual doesn’t mean you can show up in pool-attire. Dress to impress and you’ll be the talk of the wedding-in a good way!

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