What To Wear With Navy Cardigan Sweaters

Are you wondering what to wear with navy cardigan sweaters? With cooler weather setting in, sweaters are being pulled out of the backs of closets across the nation. There are a few types of cardigans such as pull over, zip front and button down that can be matched with other apparel for a nice winter look is easy. Leave the zip of button down front open for a more casual look.

  1. Dress shirts. Any style of navy cardigan sweater will work well with white dress shirts with any style of collar such as dress, banded, v neck or scoop. Other dress shirts color options include black, gray, yellow or pink with any style of collar.
  2. Plain T Shirts. Any tee shirt in any of the above mentioned colors can be worn with a navy cardigan sweater for a casual appearance. Make sure to team up casual pants such as chino's, jeans or khaki's and casual shoes (loafer, boat shoes) for a complete casual look.
  3. Pants. Jeans, chinos, dress pants and khaki's will work great with navy cardigan sweaters. Dress pants and chino's, flat front or pleated will look great with any style of cardigan sweaters so don't be afraid to experiment with your look.
  4. Shoes. Any color of shoe whether it be dress, sports or casual will look good with navy cardigan sweaters. Tennis and sports shoes with jeans are a great casual look, or try pairing loafers with a plain white t shirt for a dress casual look.  Dress pants teamed up with dress shoes and the navy cardigan sweater are a great dress look. Or try khaki's, boat shoes and a navy cardigan for a dress casual look.
  5. Jewelry. Casual jewelry in either silver or gold will work wonderfully with navy cardigan sweaters. Choose one or two favorite pieces such as a ring or a watch to complete your look.



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