What To Wear With Navy

Have you ever wondered what to wear with navy? While the obvious white, cream, khaki, navy and black are good color choices a pale pink or yellow shirt or sweater works well.  Royal and marine blue, the nearest shades to navy, will work well too if you put a light piece of fabric with the outfit.

  1. What to wear with navy shirts and sweaters Navy colored shirts and sweaters can be teamed up with white, cream, khaki, navy ,jeans, or black pants. If choosing to match the navy shirt or sweater with navy or black pants make sure to add a bit of white to offset the colors. This can be achieved simply by wearing an undershirt (with the shirt unbuttoned at the very top) or a collared dress shirt (under the sweater). Black belt and shoes look great with this look.
  2. What to wear with navy shoes Pant colors such as navy, khaki, cream or white (in spring and summer) work well. Match or contrast the shirt with the pants. A cloth navy belt will work well with the ensemble.
  3. What to wear with navy shorts Navy colored shorts look great with with shirts or sweaters in white, cream, khaki, navy or black. Again, if you are using navy and navy or navy and black try to offset the dark color with a bit of white to offset the dark color combination.
  4. What to wear with navy suits The navy colored suit will work best with a white, yellow, pink or khaki or cream colored shirt. Color can also be brought in with a tie with silver, white, or design to enhance the navy color.
  5. What to wear with a navy colored coat This will depend on the style of coat. Jeans or white pants are okay for a blue leather, varsity style or casual looking jacket. If you are wearing only a navy blazer wear a pant in white, cream, yellow, khaki, black, or jeans for the desired effect with matching colored shirt of a navy shirt.
  6. What to wear with navy suit pants For a casual look wear a shirt or sweater in a lighter color such as white, cream, khaki, yellow, or pink. A tie can be added for a more formal look.
  7. What to wear with navy in a knit cap or hat Try matching a jean, navy or khaki colored coat to it.



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