What To Wear For New Years Eve

Knowing what to wear on New Years Eve is a question everyone finds themselves asking when the times comes. It doesn't matter where you go, it is important to stand out and look great. Finding something that looks fabulous and fights right can be tricky, but follow these suggestions and you'll be ringing the New Year in with style, wherever you choose to party.

  1. Decide where you are going! This is important because there are many different types of venues on New Years Eve. A club, a black tie event, outdoors or even a house party all require different attire and you will need to dress accordingly.
  2. Club: If you're planning on going out dancing and having fun on New Years, then dress like it too! Pairing a grey blazer with a graphic purple v-neck, for example, takes a classic look of a blazer and T-shirt, but then adds color and design. When deciding on jeans, go dark and straight or skinny. Baggy or light-wash jeans will not fit you nor the occasion. One other thing to remember is have fun with accessories, you only get to do this once a year, so throw own a chain, a watch or a scarf.
  3. Black Tie: This is becoming a more popular choice for more people every year. New Years Eve is a perfect time to look classy and put together, and that is what a black tie event is all about. In this case, keep it simple and tapered. A black suit or tuxedo that is fit to your body will help you stand out without even trying. This includes a suit jacket that fits well on your shoulders and still gives you room to move around. Pair it with a crisp, white or black button down, and with a bow tie or a fashion-forward skinny tie. Wear matching pants that are straight-leg or tapered and sleek, and black dress shoes will help complete this classic look.
  4. Outdoors: Choosing to spend New Years Eve outside is always an option, no matter where you live. This can be a great way to ring in the new year if you dress for the occasion! Remember that it will be December, and it lots of places, it will be cold. Try wearing a white T-shirt with a crew neck sweater and then find a great winter jacket. This could be a trench coat or even better, a pea coat. Go for a navy blue or black so that the jacket will match everything, and to add something more, pair it with a patterned scarf. To complete the look wear black, or a dark wash skinny jeans with a pair of shoelace-less dress shoes.
  5. House: The most relaxed option on New Years Eve is the age-old house party. Because you will be in a warm environment and most likely with friends, you can have the most fun and freedom with what you wear. Try matching an argyle sweater with a button up underneath, with the cuffs flipped over the sleeves. This will look great and classy, but more casual. You could even pair that with a pair of dark ripped jeans, or a lighter wash. Another example would be a cardigan over a graphic T-shirt; stylish and different.

Notice that regardless of where you go on New Years Eve, the same style rules apply to all – classy, tapered, well-fitted clothes will make sure that you will look great wherever you party.

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