What To Wear Paintballing

There aren't any written rules as far as what to wear paintballing. Choosing what to wear while paintballing has to do with three things. You want to be comfortable in what you wear while paintballing. You want to wear paintballing attire that'll help you blend in with the scenery of your paintballing setting. Lastly, because paintballs sting like an industrial size bee stinger, you need to wear paintballing clothes that somewhat protect you while you're out there. Then there are certain, well, other things that you need to wear when you're paintballing. Here's what you need to wear while you're paintballing.

  1. First and foremost. You'd better make sure you wear a cup while paintballing. Those gas propelled balls fly very fast. One wrong shot and you'll be a Ken doll. Secondly, nobody plays the paintball soldier game without a a mask. Your eyes and mouth are just as important as your testicles. So, don't go paintballing without a mask.
  2. The pads. It's a good idea to wear pads on other semi sensitive areas. Elbow pads and knee pads are essential additions to your paintballing attire. It's one thing to bang your funny bone on the end of a table; It's another thing entirely to catch a paintball in that elbow joint. That funny bone won't be laughing when your elbow is all bruised up.
  3. Some good boots. Get some boots you can move comfortably in. Get some lightweight boots. They'll give your feet the much needed protection without restricting your movement. Stay away from the steel toed ones. They'll weigh you down.
  4. Gloves. You've got to protect your hands. Just some simple padded gloves will do the trick. You'll need to be able to wield your paintball weapons so you don't want to wear gloves that are too thick. You don't want the cumbersome ones that children wear when it's cold.
  5. Your clothing choices. Unless you're one of those weekend army warriors, you don't necessarily need to wear the army fatigues. Although, they'll be helpful if your paintballing session happens to be in the woods. No, you only need some decently thick clothing to wear to protect yourself from the paintballs. Some decent sweat pants and sweat shirt should give you enough protection from the impending barrage of paint filled balls sure to be coming at your body. If you do happen to have a paintball session in the woods or forest area, it's always a good idea to wear an extra pair of socks and some long johns under your pants.
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