What To Wear With Phat Farm Jackets

Are you wondering what to wear with Phat Farm jackets? What you wear with Phat Farm jackets depends on which style of Phat Farm jacket you choose to wear. Phat Farm many choices such as plain and patterned hoodies, a softshell moto jacket in black, and a reversible jacket with black on one side, plaid on the other.

  1. What to wear with Phat Farm hoodie style jackets? If you choose the plain style, single colored with logo hoodie any jeans or black, brown or white casual dress pants will look great. If you wear a designed hoodie, which has more than one color, match the hoodie to plain black or white dress pants, even jeans will look great. Casual footwear such as dress shoes, boots or sneakers would be a great choice in footwear for any of the hoodies. A casual style shirt is great to wear with any of the Phat Farm hoodie style jackets.
  2. The softshell moto style jacket will look great with anything.  What to wear with the moto style Phat Farm jacket is anything from dress, to casual in shirt, shoes and pants. Everything will all go great with this all black jacket.
  3. The micro nylon reversible jacket will look great with everything from dress to casual. If you wear the plaid side out what you should match with the Phat Farm jacket would be a pant color that is in the plaid pattern or the background color. Wear a single color shirt with casual shoes if you wear the plaid side out. If you wear the black side out any shirt, pants and shoes will go great against the solid black.
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