What To Wear To A Picnic

An outdoor picnic makes for a romantic date idea, which is why every man needs to know what to wear to a picnic.  Whether you plan on using a picnic for a first date idea or just want to hang out with friends for an afternoon of fun, proper dress is required!  This article will cover the do's and don'ts of what to wear to a picnic.

What to wear to a picnic:

  • Tight clothing.  BAD IDEA!  Picnics usually lead to fun outdoor activities, such as tossing a frisbee, playing volleyball, or shooting a few hoops.  Tight clothes will ruin the entire day.  Opt for clothing that is loose and comfortable and which looks nice too.
  • Jeans.  GOOD IDEA!  Jeans are a good example of what to wear to a picnic.  They look nice, they're casual, and you can be active in them without being uncomfortable.  Most people sit on the ground during a picnic, and jeans will provide protection from staining too.
  • White pants.  BAD IDEA!  First of all, if you're wearing white pants at all, you need to stop.  Guys don't look good in white pants.  But they are especially bad for a picnic since they will show EVERYTHING that gets on them.  Grass stains, food stains, dirt smears, and so on, will be apparent on white pants.
  • Black clothing.  BAD IDEA!  When trying to decide what to wear to a picnic, keep in mind that black clothing will make you hot.  But not in the good way.  Black attracts heat.  Therefore, if you wear black clothes to a picnic, you will be hotter than everyone else around you.  Unless you don't mind sweating profusely in front of people, avoid wearing black clothes to a picnic.
  • Shorts.  GOOD IDEA!  Shorts are comfortable, casual, and a great way to show off your legs.  Shorts are another good example of what to wear to a picnic.  You can dress them up, or down, depending on what the day's events will include.
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