What To Wear With Pink Plaid Shorts

If you are into the latest fashion trend that couples the color pink with a plaid pattern, then you will want to know what to wear with pink plaid shorts. Plaid shorts are typically seen in greens, blues and earth tone colors. However, pink is becoming increasingly popular among both men and women. Because of this latest trend in style, fashion-minded people are seeking ways to pull this look together. Wearing pink plaid shorts can be a fun way to showcase your fashion savvy, but make sure you wear them with style and finesse.

  1. Wear a polo-type shirt. Polo-type shirts look classy, yet understated. When deciding on what to wear with pink plaid shorts, think about the look that you are trying to capture. You will want your pink plaid shorts to garner the most attention, so your top should be as "low-key"  as possible. White or light pink are good polo choices, however, darker pinks and even beige tones will look great.
  2. Consider wearing deck shoes. Most people, when wondering what to wear with pink plaid shorts tend to focus on which types of tops to wear, but the type of shoes to wear should be thought about as well. Although you can wear just about any type of shoe with pink plaid shorts, deck or boat shoes will give your look a sporty, casual look. You can find deck shoes at most retail and specialty shoes stores, and they are available in a variety of colors – even pink. Light pink deck shoes will mesh beautifully with your pink plaid shorts, however, brown or white shoes will look equally stylish.
  3. Try on a button-down cotton shirt. Pink plaid shorts are frequently made from cotton or cotton blends. Wearing a natural fabric or cotton button-down shirt with pink plaid shorts will look casual, yet stylish. You can either tuck in your shirt and wear a belt, or leave it untucked for a more relaxed look.
  4. Put on a solid color sweater. When your think about what to wear with pink plaid shorts, always remember that plaid combined with other prints will clash. When the weather becomes cool, summer-type pink plaid shorts can be paired with a solid colored cable knit or wool sweater to create a great look for the fall. Darker colored sweaters can also work well, but in keeping with the pastel hues of the shorts, lighter colored creams, beiges and white sweaters should be considered.
  5. Think about sneakers. Deciding on what to wear with pink plaid shorts can be a challenge, but choosing shoes should not be too difficult. Any pair of clean gym shoes or sneakers will look great with pink plaid shorts. White or black athletic shoes go well with pink plaid shorts, but try to avoid multi-colored sneakers or those with bold colors such as orange, yellow or red.
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