What To Wear With Plaid Shoes

Deciding what to wear with plaid shoes can be rather difficult. Plaid comes in pants, shirts, shorts, shoes, and many other items. It is classy and popular, but you need to know how to wear it to make it look good. Here are some simple guidelines to follow when deciding what to wear with plaid shoes:

  1. If you wear plaid shoes don't wear any other plaid. If you wear plaid pants or shorts with your plaid shoes, it will be too overpowering. Chances are the plaids would not match, since is difficult to find matching plaids. If you must wear some other plaid, try to find a plaid hat that matches. The hat will be far enough away from the shoes as to not overpower the outfit.
  2. Plaid goes well with khakis. When you wear plaid shoes, try wearing khaki pants or shorts. If you wear khaki shorts and plaid shoes, it will more than likely emphasize your skin tone. This is an excellent way to show off a tan.
  3. Do not wear socks with plaid shoes. Plaid shoes are meant to be summery and casual. It is not necessary to wear socks with plaid shoes, especially if you are also wearing shorts.
  4. Wear a solid colored polo shirt. This will give your look more class. Try to pick a color of shirt that is in the plaid shoes to make the shoes and shirt stand out more. This will make your look more complete.

Fashion is about having fun, so remember that when deciding what to wear with plaid shoes.

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