What To Wear With A Polo

Are you wondering what to wear with a polo? Since polos are a staple item for every occasion they can be dressed up or down. They come in a variety of colors in solids, stripes, plaids, and designed for every occasion. 

  1. What pants to wear with a polo? Any solid color pant from dress to denim would look great. If the shirt is striped, plaid or designed try picking up one of the colors in the shirt. The great thing about a polo shirt is that it is universally matchable and will literally go with any kind of pants. If you choose a patterned or striped polo, go with solid color pants and vice versa to avoid sensory overload.
  2. What shoes to wear with a polo? Any shoe that will match the style pant. Consider the type of pants you are wearing with your polo shirt and make sure that you are wearing dress shoes with dress pants or athletic shoes with casual pants. Keep in mind the color shirt, pant, belt, and shoe should work well together.
  3. What shorts to wear with a polo? Same rules as with pants. If you're wearing a patterned polo, match it with solid pants and vice versa.
  4. What accessories to wear with a polo? With polos you have almost absolute accessory freedom. Watches and rings look great with polos. Cloth and leather belts all work well with the casual style of a polo. Don't overload your neck area with necklaces, the collar of the polo shirt is enough.
  5. What shirts to wear with a polo? Sweaters can be worn over or tied at the neckline. Tee shirts in white or a contrasting color can be worn under the polo whether long or short sleeved.

Belt and shoe color should match unless you are wearing a colored shoe. If wearing a colored shoe, try wearing a white or black belt.

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