What To Wear With A Purple Cardigan

Are you wondering what to wear with a purple cardigan? Cardigans are fashionable and provide a layer of protection on not-too-cold days. They can also be worn under a coat for added protection in severe weather. Want to dress up a T-shirt? A plain white T-shirt with a purple cardigan buttoned over the T-shirt is a great casual look.

  1. Wear the right shirt with a purple cardigan. Shades, meaning black and white, are great shirt choices to team up with a purple cardigan. Yellow in the same undertone as the purple is a good choice to wear with a purple cardigan as well.
  2. Many necklines work well with cardigans. Turtlenecks, ribbed necklines, and dress shirts with any collars all work great with cardigans.
  3. Pant choices to wear with a purple cardigan are numerous. Casual dress pants, dress slacks or jeans are great to dress the cardigan up or down.
  4. What color pants would you wear with a purple cardigan? Sticking with black and white or a matching shade of purple will work best with a cardigan. Every fabric, except for pants with a shiny finish, will work well.
  5. What coats work well with a purple cardigan? Suit coats can be layered over the cardigan, giving a vest-like appearance. Weather-resistant coats that are longer in length than the cardigan also work well. Color choices should be black or white.
  6. Accessories that will go with a purple cardigan are limited in color. What accessories can you wear with a purple cardigan? Belts and shoes that are white or black work best. One piece of jewelry is sufficient, but make sure it matches the purple of your cardigan.
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