What To Wear With Purple Plaid Shorts

Know what to wear with purple plaid shorts to be comfortable and stylish. Don’t be that guy wearing the plaid shorts with a striped shirt. Wear comfy, soft shorts as much as you can, but wear them with the right stuff and with a confident attitude. Plaid shorts are in, and men love ‘em.

  1. Choose a solid cotton knit or pique polo shirt to go with your purple plaid shorts. A good quality solid t-shirt can work, too. Look carefully at your shorts, and find all the colors included in the plaid. Chances are, you see several other colors intermixed with the purple. Try a solid shirt that matches any one of the colors in your purple plaid. Another option of what to wear is a solid shirt in a neutral color, like black or white.
  2. Leave your shirt untucked for a really casual plaid shorts outfit. For a slightly more pulled together look, wear your shirt tucked in. If you tuck in the shirt, be sure to wear a belt. The belt should be a neutral color. Don’t even think about wearing a purple belt. That would be complete overkill.
  3. Wear sandals or sneakers with your purple plaid shorts outfit. Your choice of kicks is important. Chuck Taylors look great, and match the vibe of purple plaid shorts. Go with low rise or no socks with the sneakers. Never wear dress shoes with those shorts.
  4. Avoid wearing too loose, over-sized, saggy style plaid shorts. Think relaxed fit, but closer to preppy than hip-hop. Otherwise, you might look more like a clown than a cool dude.
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