What To Wear With Purple Shoes

If you are adventurous with fashion and have bought a most unusual pair of shoes, you may be wondering what to wear with purple shoes. The color purple has a long history of standing for royalty and wealth. To many people, the color still represents regal things. No matter what your own personal association with this beautiful color, know that there are lots of fashion choices for coordinating the right look to compliment purple shoes. Here are some of your best options.

  1. Wear a purple suit. Yes, this is hard to come by, but you will leave a definite fashion impression. It also says that you aren't afraid of taking chances in fashion or getting stares or double takes. You should wear a coordinating shirt (that's not purple) with your suit. The suit also must be of the exact or very similar shade to your shoes to work well with them.
  2. Wear a purple dress of the exact shade of your purple shoes. Any other outfit would not work in all purple, but a solid color or patterned purple dress is the perfect match for your purple shoes. Of course, if you're a guy, this step isn't ideal, unless you enjoy cross dressing. Instead, opt for complimentary purple throughout a patterned pair of pants.
  3. Opt for a green or pink shirt to contrast well with your purple shoes. This is a bit easier to coordinate, as you don't have to worry about matching any shades whatsoever. Contrast can be your best fashion friend. These two colors are likely to look great with your purple shoes.
  4. Wear a purple kilt with a different-colored shirt. An entirely purple outfit will never work if you have purple shoes. Kilts are coming into mainstream style for a man, and there are many stores online and in person that offer unusual kilts, including purple ones. Just don't go for a purple kilt and a purple shirt at the same time. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and too much purple can have people thinking of you more as Barney the Purple Dinosaur than a purple-wearing rebel.
  5. Look for a patterned shirt that has the exact shade of purple as your shoes. A pair of black pants will look amazing with your purple shoes and a button-down patterned shirt that has specks of the exact shade of purple to match your shoes.
  6. Wear a purple blazer with a black shirt and jeans. This is a cool look, and it will bring attention to yourself and to that awesome pair of purple shoes.




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