What To Wear With Red Plaid Shorts

The best of what to wear with red plaid shorts consists of something just as casual as your red plaid shorts. If you are wearing red plaid shorts, you want to make sure you dress accordingly, which includes basic T-shirts, polo shirts and a good, effective pair of casual shoes or runners. What goes best with red plaid shorts is anything that can build your ensemble into something you can wear on the weekends or after work.

  1. Quiksilver Men's Empty Nest Short Sleeve Tee. The best of what to wear with red plaid shorts is something that is as simple as a plain white tee that complements the effective simplicity of your red, plaid shorts. Nothing is a more classic indication of a look of casual ease than sporting a clean, white tee. This is a 100 percent organic cotton tee, so you are even guaranteed additional comfort. This tee also comes with a nice logo on the left side of your chest, just for nice contrast.
  2. Nautica Men's Short Sleeve Bates Polo. An alternative to your white tee, this men's short sleeve bates polo is a great choice to wear with your red, plaid shorts. If you want a little bit of a pattern on your clothing—this bates polo features horizontal bar stripes—then this is the shirt of choice for you. In a very discreet fashion, the Nautica logo sits just off the center of your chest, so that it doesn't look too flashy. The material is 100 percent cotton pique, so that you can rest assured that it will feel smooth on your skin.
  3. Lacoste Men's Flitwick NB Sneaker. Whenever you have a solid pair of shorts and a nice shirt to wear that are both casual, you want to finish off your look with shoes that are not dressy or formal. You need correspondingly casual and comfortable footwear, and in the case of your red, plaid shorts, nothing goes better in terms of shoes than these Flitwick NB Sneakers. With a sturdy sole made from rubber and a leather material used for construction, these ultra-casual shoes will continue to build out your look just right.
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