What To Wear With Red

Have you ever wondered what to wear with red? Red comes in a wide range of shades and is an easy color to match other colors to. Maroon and burgundy are a few common reds used in men's clothes. The undertones can be either a yellow or a blue. The undertones, if worn as a shirt or sweater, should match the wearer's skin tones. If worn as a short or pants, the undertone should match the other fabrics to obtain a warm or cool tone, as long as the undertone nearest the face is complementary to the skin. Black, gray, and white work well with red. Black and gray come in various shades and have both blue and yellow undertones. Blue denim (all shades), cream and navy always work well with red.

  1. For men red is more likely to be solid, on a shirt (sweat pants being the exception). What to wear with red in the spring and summer? It is best to team red, or any shade, up with white, navy, cream, gray, black in the spring and summer seasons. Browns and khakis also work well with red. Team this outfit up with a black or brown belt and either black, brown or white shoes for an exceptional look that works well in any situation.
  2. What to wear with red in fall and winter?  For fall and winter try wearing a red shirt, dress shirt or sweater with cream, navy, gray, denim or black pants (either dress or casual).
  3. If the shirt is multicolored with red in it, pick one of the other colors in the shirt as your pant color. Have you ever wondered what to wear with a red hawaiian shirt? If a family member or friend gave you one and you would like to wear it in their presence don't hesitate. They usually tend to have another bold color (such as yellow) in it. Play down the color with a simple black or white pant or short. If belt loops are on the pant or short, use a black belt.
  4. Shorts for men tend to have red used with either navy and white or black and white. If you are wondering what to wear with red shorts try teaming the shorts up with white, cream, navy or black (navy or black depending on the color in the shorts). White or black casual shoes will complete the look.
  5. If you are wondering what to wear with red sweat pants, consider the casualness of the pants. Red sweat pants can be worn with a gray, black, white or cream colored sweat or tee shirt to complete the casual look.

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