What To Wear With Retro Style Shoes

If you’re going to be a collector of retro style shoes, you need to know what to wear wear with them. Like any other shoes, what to wear with retro style shoes is going to depend on the style of shoes you’re working with. If you have are sporty retro sneakers, then put them together something that is sporty and casual. If they are a bit of the dressy side, try pairing them with jeans for a killer business casual look; or with a suit to create an authentic retro business look. No matter what, wearing retro style shoes will make every outfit completely killer.

  1. Jeans- When you’re looking at what to wear with retro style shoes, jeans are always a good choice. You can make a pair of jeans look funky with a pair of retro style, black and white wing-tips. Pair that with a collared polo shirt and you have a look that is retro preppy. If you’re working with a pair of retro style sneakers, try pairing them with a pair of baggy jeans. Cuff the jeans just enough to highlight the colors on your sneakers and pair that with a shirt that compliments the colors in your shoes to create a urban, retro look. You can’t ever go wrong with a pair of jeans.
  2. Slacks- If you want to create a retro preppy look, go with a pair of slacks. Put on a pair of slacks and pair them up with a collard, polo shirt or a button up dress shirt. Top that off with a pair of retro style wing-tips or loafers to create a retro preppy look. If you want to take the look one step further, add a tie to your button up shirt and layer it with a cardigan. When you’re wondering what to wear with retro style shoes that’s still office friendly. look no further than a pair of slacks.
  3. Shorts- If you want to know what to wear with retro style shoes in the summer, turn to your favorite pair of shorts. If you need something to wear with a pair of retro style sneakers try a pair of denim shorts or a funky pair of Bermuda shorts. Denim shorts work best with retro style sneakers from the 80s; where as Bermuda shorts work best with retro style top striders and loafers. Pair your shorts with a fitted T-shirt for a look that’s hipster cool or with a a baggy T-shirt for a look that's sporty.



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