What To Wear On A Singles Cruise

So, you have gathered up the courage to purchase a ticket, now you are wondering what to wear on a singles cruise. The singles cruise concept can involve an entire ship or just be an organized event by a singles club that takes place on a cruise ship. You will want to make a good impression on all that you meet and one way to do that is to dress your best. Look confident by dressing appropriately for all the singles events that might take place on your cruise.

  1. Start with a color scheme. Choosing a set of colors to build your wardrobe will help with the packing and dressing while you are onboard the singles cruise ship.
  2. Consider a nautical look for a trip to sea. This doesn't mean you should fit in with the ships crew, but by looking like you are comfortable and belong on the cruise ship can go a long way in how you are perceived. Nautical colors mix and match well and the colors are flattering.   
  3. Pack casual shorts in a classic style. Shorts that cut right above the knee look best on most everyone. It is a retro style that works for the young and the older. Walk away from any shorts that end past the knee. Capri-type shorts make your legs look stubby and are just not flattering. It goes without saying that anything even remotely unflattering should be left at home when choosing what to wear on a singles cruise.
  4. Keep a pair of khaki's for cooler days, or dress slacks. There are plenty of occasions on a singles cruise when a long pair of pants are much more appropriate than shorts.
  5. Wear collared casual shirts. Polo style shirts or short sleeved button downs work best on a singles cruise. The button-downs can be worn unbuttoned over a T-shirt or buttoned and tucked into slacks. 
  6. Bring comfortable shoes. Rubber soled boat shoes work well while on the ship, and sturdy walking shoes are a good choice for any off site excursions your singles cruise may include .
  7. Be aware that a dress suit is often necessary. There is an unwritten dress code on most big cruise lines that require evening dress clothes. Most have rental facilities if you do not bring one, which is a big clue that they are expected.
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