What To Wear With Sperrys

Have you ever wondered what to wear with Sperrys? Sperry top-siders are boat and nautical shoes available in a variety of styles including loafers, sandals, thongs, chukkas, oxfords, outsiders and boat shoes. Materials used are leather, canvas, and mesh. If you are still wondering what to wear with Sperry's,  keep in mind they come in a wide range of colors including navy, blue, green, red, orange, yellow, various shades of brown and white. The casual line also has two tone, plaid, and designed shoe. WIth such a variety, it is not hard to find Sperrys for any outfit.

  1. What to wear with Sperrys (casual)  – The colored Sperry should match or be complimentary to the color, style and fabric of the pant you are wearing. The black or white sperry will match with any color pant, including jeans. Shirts that will work well with sperrys casual are polos, tee shirts, and long sleeved shirts in a color that will match or compliment the pant and/or shoe.
  2. What to wear with Sperrys (formal) - Sperrys dress shoes will work with any dress or casual pant. The navy and blue shoes will work best with white, cream, yellow, black, or the same or another shade of blue. The brown shoes will work best with other shades of brown, white, khaki, or black. The shirt worn will depend on the pant.

If you are still wondering what to wear with Sperrys, look for their line of pants, shorts, and shirts that are designed to go well with their shoes.



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