What To Wear With Tan Shoes

Ever wondered what to wear with tan shoes? Tan is a shade of brown and does not have to be viewed as a seasonal piece of attire. Many styles of tan shoes exist. Knowing this will help you to choose outfits and clothing to either blend with, or highlight your shoes.

  1. What pants to wear with tan shoes. Consider the style of shoe. Any shade of brown will work along with cream, white, blue jeans and black. Tailor the style of pant to the shoe. Just remember, casual shoe's should be worn with casual pants.
  2. What socks to wear with tan shoes. Socks depend on the style of shoe you are choosing. If it is a sandal you can choose to wear socks. If wearing socks, choose single color socks in white or tan. An argyle pattern will work well with a dress pant.
  3. What shirt to wear with tan shoes. The shirt will depend on many factors such as season, style of the shirt and the color and style of the pants. If the tan shoes are an oxford style, a dress or casual pant or jeans will work well. Wear a shirt that will either match the pant or the shoes.
  4. What coat/jacket to wear with tan shoes. Consider the style of shoe. A casual shoe would look great with a casual jacket.
  5. Accessorize. A watch is always an ideal accessory. For other accessories consider a chain to wear near the neckline of the shirt. But dont over do it!



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