What To Wear With Urban Plaid Shorts

If you have plaid shorts, learn about what to wear with urban plaid shorts. It can be difficult to pull off wearing plaid shorts. You should definitely stay away from any clashing patterns or textures. Think simple when deciding what to wear with urban plaid shorts and check out these best five items to wear with urban plaid shorts.

  1. Plain colored V-neck shirt. Wear a V-neck shirt with your urban plaid shorts. Just make sure your V-neck is a plain color. Plaid does not go well with other patterns. A polo shirt can make you look like too much of a golfer. Try a thin V-neck like the "Perfect T" from Alternative Apparel in Oatmeal Heather. Don't tuck in your V-neck shirt.
  2. Charcoal Grey Hooded Sweatshirt. Hooded sweatshirts are always in style. Try American Apparels' hooded sweatshirt, Dov's Hoody in Dark Ash, with your urban plaid shorts. Wear the hooded sweatshirt zipped or unzipped with a T-shirt under it.
  3. Plain colored Vans. Vans look great with urban plaid shorts. Make sure your Vans don't match your plaid shorts too well. For example, if your urban plaid shorts are a blue plaid pattern, don't get blue vans. Choose a color that doesn't match or clash with your plaid shorts. Try the Vans canvas slip on shoes in espresso.
  4. Sandals. Wear sandals with your plaid shorts. If it is warm outside, flip-flops always look best with urban plaid shorts than most shoes (even Vans). Try the double arch Rainbow sandals in grey. If you live in the Northwest, it is appropriate to wear your Rainbow sandals with urban plaid shorts in any weather.
  5. Belt. Belts are essential when wearing plaid shorts. Even if your shirt goes over the belt, you should still wear one. Try "The Belt" by Joe's Jeans. This belt doesn't look too dressed up, and it is plain enough to go with the shirt and shoes you are wearing with your plaid shorts.
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