What To Wear With Vintage Basketball Shoes

Let's learn what to wear with vintage basketball shoes. Vintage basketball shoes have the ability to totally change the look of an outfit. But, don't let this detour you from wearing vintage basketball shoes with your clothing. You can come up with some hot outfits with your vintage basketball shoes. Depending on your personal style, vintage basketball shoes can fit quite easily with your clothing choices. With a little bit of creativity, you can create a great outfit that caters to your personal preferences. Let's put a few outfits together with some vintage basketball shoes. 

  1. The hipsters. The hipster style is probably the easiest to incorporate vintage basketball shoes into. The hipster style pulls some of the coolest articles of clothing from various styles and eras. If you're a hipster, just make sure the vintage basketball shoes match your outfit. An example of a cool hipster look would be a form fitting white tee under a vest that you'd normally find with a suit jacket. You could rock some cool metallic colored chain with a pendant. An old school gangster hat or even the paper boy look would work. Wear some clean dark colored form fitting jeans. Not too tight, but you get the picture. The last piece of your ensemble would be the vintage basketball shoes of course.
  2. The street style. Check this out. Get some clean white vintage styled basketball shoes. Some baggy fit bleached jeans and  a nice polo shirt would work well. If you're going to rock the watch and jewelry make sure these pieces compliment the colors in the polo. Don't wear anything to gaudy and you'll be fine. You can be flexible with your hat selection if choose to wear one. A clean baseball hat with straightened brim will work well with the rest of your outfit. The colors in the hat should match or compliment the colors with the rest of the outfit. You could go with the old paper boy style hat too.
  3. The club casual. Darker colored vintage shoes work better with the night life attire. Nice darker colored jeans will work well with your shoes. Get a nice collared, cuff linked shirt and blazer to throw on. As always, if your going to wear any jewelry, less is more. Make sure your accessories compliment the outfit and don't stand out too much. You're ready to hit the clubs now.
  4. Do you. The most important thing about your style, is well, that it's your style. Vintage basketball shoes can look good with a multitude of looks. What's most important is that you like what you've thrown on. If you think it looks funny, then it probably does. If you feel comfortable in it, then go with it. If you want to follow style trends then go ahead. But, you could be that dude that starts his own trends. The most important thing to remember as far as fashion is concerned is that your colors compliment each other. Everything else is left up to the interpretation of the individual and what he wants to wear.
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