What To Wear With Vintage Boot Cut Jeans

Vintage boot cut jeans are back in style and hotter then ever. The right accessories can make or break the right outfit. Vintage boot cut jeans can be worn at an occasion and go with virtually everything. There are some things to do and some things to avoid when wearing these vintage jeans. 

  1. Boot cut means there is a flare at the bottom. Flip flops and sandals should be avoided because your feet will probably not be visible and simple be ridiculous.
  2. Belts always make an outfit. It can make a simply outfit fabulous quickly, it adds small flare to your attire. 
  3. Boots make the outfit. Boot cut is designed for exactly what it says it is, to wear boots with. Cowboy boots, winter boots etc. Any sort of boot will make it look good. For women, avoid heels. Again, the heels will only be swallowed by the jeans. 
  4. The good news about vintage boot cut jeans is that any shirt will look nice and make the outfit an ensemble. For women: baby tees, blazers, button down shirts, plaid shirt etc are all nice choices. For men: button down shirts in white, plaid, black, blue etc. t-shirts and thermals will all look nice with vintage boot cut jeans. 

Boot cut jeans will go well with pretty much everything. Accessories can really make an outfit and look fabulous for a night out on the town. With the right shoes, shirts and belt you will be the hit of any party, club or wherever you decide to go. 

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