What To Wear With Vintage Neck Ties

When you see a retro-looking tie, you may wonder what to wear with vintage neck ties. Ties from or reminiscent of the '70s often have wacky styles that may not work with all styles of clothing. If you want to know what to wear with vintage neck ties, consider this advice.

  1. Wear a vintage suit with vintage neck ties. Wildly patterned ties can really steal the show for an outfit, so if you want a more balanced look get a retro shirt, jacket, and slacks to go with the tie. Try to purchase clothes from the same era so that the tie does not look out of place.
  2. Find casual vintage clothing to go with the vintage neck ties. Retro clothes of any type may better complement ties from the same era than modern clothes. They may have similar fabrics, styles, or color schemes, which will make the look seem more natural.
  3. Wear a modern yet unusual jacket. You can find modern suits that are plaid or that have other unusual designs to go with vintage ties. These suits will properly complement the uniqueness of the tie.
  4. Use vintage neck ties with an ordinary suit. If you do not want to get too retro, you can still look unique by wearing vintage neck ties with more modern formal wear. The tie may look more out of place than if you wore a more vintage outfit, but you will at least stand out.
  5. Match vintage ties with ordinary, casual clothing. Since vintage ties are often worn to create an unusual look, you can wear one with a simple T-shirt and jeans to be especially bold. This rock star look may not look good on everyone, but if you can pull it off, go for it.
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