What To Wear With Vintage Plaid Coat

Knowing what to wear with a vintage plaid coat is important when it comes to fashion. Vintage plaid coats are pretty versatile and can be worn a good part of the year. Follow these tips to look stylish when wearing your vintage plaid coat.

  1. Dress up your vintage plaid coat. For a dressier look, pair your vintage plaid coat with a nice pair of trousers. White, khaki or darker trousers will work depending on the color plaid. Wear a nice shirt under your plaid coat and you can also add a solid tie for an even dressier look. A nice pair of dress shoes will complete this outfit.
  2. Go for a more casual look. Whether you are shopping or going out to eat, plaid coats will fit the bill. Jeans go perfect with a vintage plaid coat for a more casual looking outfit. You can even get away with wearing a T-shirt under your vintage plaid coat. Wear whatever shoes tickle your fancy and you are good to go. A stylish, solid colored hat is also a nice way to add a little oomph to this look.
  3. Wear it as your "go to" coat. Just because it is plaid, doesn't mean your vintage coat can't be your main squeeze. It is vintage and pretty much anything goes with the vintage look. Your vintage plaid coat may just be the most comfortable thing since fuzzy slippers. No matter what the case, hang your plaid coat on the rack by your door and grab it whenever you go out, no matter what you are wearing. It will knock off the chill and you will look good in the process. You may just want to grab another coat if you are wearing plaid pants.

Tip:Since it is vintage, your plaid coat has a greater chance of having minor defects. Holes never look stylish, so be sure there are none in your vintage plaid coat before wearing it.

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