What To Wear With Vintage Rubber Boots

Deciding what to wear with vintage rubber boots can be tricky, particularly as current styles may not necessarily match the colors and styles of previous decades. However, with a bit of creativity and attention to detail, you can find excellent clothing to match your boots. Vintage rubber boots can become the highlight of an outfit if worn with the right fashion, style and attitude.

  1. Simple, minimalist clothing. Avoid fancy clothing and excessively ornate designs. Stick with simple fabric patterns and designs and your wardrobe can perfectly match your rubber boots. Try to focus on inexpensive cotton basics or simple dresses to complement your vintage boots.
  2. Matching colors. Take note of the color of your rubber boots and make sure your clothing matches it. For instance, if your vintage boots are green, then wearing black, green, yellow or even red (a complementary color) clothes will work. Try not to wear excessively bright and dynamic clothing if you want your shoes to stand out.
  3. Accessorize. To help your shoes stand out even more, consider wearing accessories that are the same color as your boots. Don't go overboard, but a few touches of added style can really make your vintage boots look stylish. You may particularly want to consider a belt in the same color, as belts also have a shiny rubber-like surface.
  4. Go with layers. Consider layering your clothing to give an look consistent with winter and cold weather. This will make your clothes match the theme of your vintage boots. Ladies should consider wearing a layered skirt that is short enough to bring dramatic attention to your feet.
  5. Vintage clothes. If you have vintage clothes, now is the time to wear them. Vintage clothes are the perfect accessory to vintage rubber boots. Just find what you think matches your rubber boots the best and you're good to go!
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