What To Wear To A Wake

Attending a wake can often times be a very difficult thing to endure, and sometimes figuring out what to wear is the very last thing on your mind, to make things easy we have provided a list of what to wear to a wake.

  1. It is customary for the immediate family to weak all black clothing, but it is not really all that necessary. While dark clothing is the most common you can wear other colors, but just make sure you do not show up wearing summer colors, or bold bright colors. Neutrals are acceptable.
  2. You can still wear black if you like to keep things traditional. Black suits, or dresses are acceptable even if you are not immediate family of the deceased.
  3. Men can wear black suits, as women can wear black dresses, or neutral colors such as grays or dark blues.
  4. Slacks are also acceptable. Just be sure to avoid khakis unless they are darker in color.
  5. Shorts are not really all that acceptable for men or women to wear to wakes. Granted no one will say anything to you at the time being, it is not very presentable.
  6. Men will sometimes wear sunglasses inside during wakes. This is acceptable as those around you realize you are crying but do not want others to see.
  7. Keep things respectable. Women should not have their chest hanging out in revealing tops or dresses. We are not at a club, it is a wake, to show respect for the family members of the deceased.
  8. No matter what you wear, always be sure to express your condolences to the immediate family of the deceased.



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