What To Wear To A Wedding In April

Need to know what to wear to a wedding in April? Spring weddings are the most common and the most colorful, due to the wide range of flowers in bloom that time of year. Which is good for guests as it makes for more fashion choices. There are a few details that will make a difference in you fashion choices, for example evening or day wedding, formal or casual wedding and things of that nature.

  1. Formal black tie option one. If this is mentioned on an invitation than a tuxedo is required. A pleated tux shirt (no plain white dress shirt) with a fold down collar. It can be single breasted or double breasted, lapels can be peak or notch collar. Cuff links and studs should be worn, along with a bow tie and cummerbund set.
  2. Formal black tie option two. Single or double breasted tux, lapels, shawl collar, cuff links and studs and a vest and tie set.
  3. Formal white tie. Full dress, not just a tuxedo. Black tailcoat, black trouser, white pique formal shirt with winged collar, white pique vest, white pique bow-tie. Only wear this if it is specified on the invitation though or you will look like the entertainment.
  4. Formal. Formal weddings go by a completely different dress code than a regular wedding. If “formal attire” is specified on the wedding invitation than regardless of month, you have to dress accordingly, and that means a suit. Any kind of suit will do unless one of the above categories are specified.
  5. Church clothes. The best way to dress for a day wedding is to wear what you would to a church function. Khaki pants and a dress shirt are acceptable choices. Try to stray from T-shirts and shorts because it is a wedding after all.
  6. Business attire. A night wedding is a tad bit dressier than a day wedding in April. Try dress slacks and a nice dress shirt, maybe something you would wear to the office but don’t look like you are going to work. Ties are ok but not required unless specified on the invitation.
  7. Colors are important when deciding what to wear to a spring wedding in April. With any night wedding, dark colors will work fine, but light spring colors would be best for a wedding in April. Men can wear dress slacks in khaki, gray, black, navy etc and any color shirt.
  8. Easter clothes. What would you wear to a nice Easter brunch? Think of that for a day wedding in April. Pastel color shirts and khaki’s are nice.
  9. Semi-formal or cocktail attire. A casual suit and tie or a well pressed pant and button down shirt set will do.
  10. Casual attire. If nothing is specified on the invitation as to what to wear, and the wedding is held during the day, you can get away with wearing a more casual outfit. Like khaki pants and a polo shirt for example.


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