What To Wear To A Wedding In January

If you are attending a January wedding, you may be asking yourself what to wear to a wedding January. Here are some important details to consider before deciding if you should wear a tuxedo or a suit.

  1. Know the tone of the wedding. Sometimes a wedding invitation will not specify what type of wedding attire is appropriate, so you may have to do a little investigation. If you are good friends of either the bride or the groom, you may know their style and not have to worry the invite doesn't specify attire.
  2. Formal wedding attire.  For a formal ceremony you have the option of wearing either a tuxedo or a nice suit since both are appropriate attire for this type of ceremony. Typically, you will want to stay with dark colors for a January wedding. Dark suits with a crisp white shirt set the tone for a formal wedding. 
  3. Semi-formal wedding attire. For a semi-formal January wedding you will want to wear a suit and it’s best to select dark colors for these types of weddings also. Colorful tuxedos and suits are more appropriate for summer weddings. Make sure the shoes and accessories you choose compliment your wardrobe well.
  4. If unsure about tone? Review the invitation. If your invitation does not list the dress code, you can use the look of your invitation to help determine the dress code. If the invitation is made from heavy card stock, you can plan on it being a black tie or formal affair.
  5. Ask others. If you are still unable to decide on the formalness of the event, you can consult with other wedding guests. If all else fails, you can always contact a family member of the couple getting married or ask the bride or groom directly.

Nobody likes feeling like the odd man. Weddings add a special level of stress for everyone, including guests. We hope these hints for what to wear to a wedding in January will help take away some of the worry involved.

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