What To Wear When Skateboarding

The issue of what to wear when skateboarding has been addressed on parent blogs, news channels, articles in news papers and has been plastered in skate parks around the United States. Lets face it, there is a lot of safety gear involved when skateboarding. With reports of 50,000 emergency room visits a year and 1,500 children being hospitalized, safety while skateboarding is a priority. How can people protect themselves in such an extreme sport? One way is by choosing what to wear when skateboarding.

  1. First on our list is the helmet. An injury to the head can be one of the most costly types of injuries. Risking death, paralysis, blindness and a list of other injuries, a rider must protect the dome. In California, this is already a mandated law as of January 1, 2003. Every child under the age of 18 must wear a helmet while riding a bike, inline skating and, yes, skateboarding. Violators face a $25 fine if this law is not met. Keep it capped!
  2. Wrist guards are also important to wear while skateboarding. With half the stunts in a session being focused around hand plants, how embarrassing and painful would it be to injure your wrist and have your trick become a face plant?
  3. Knee and elbow pads are also critical. Injuries to these areas of the body can also be life-changing. How many skaters limp, not  because it is cool, but because they lost their ability to run and jump on a ramp or grind? Knee pads will help when sliding to a stop on a half-pipe because the board decides to leave you behind.
  4. Cups for the guys can increase the chances of being a father later in life. Steel pipes and hand rails are strong and unrelenting. For this reason, grinding is an option. A failed attempt to grind, however, can be costly.

Though funny in the late-night TV line up, clips of teens and adults falling off of skateboards send a clear message: skateboarding can be painful if you don't gear up. All the gear a skater can wear when skateboarding is important. When choosing what to wear when skateboarding, keep safety in mind, and keep shredding!

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