What To Wear With White Jeans

You’re over blue denim and black is too hot, so now you want to know what to wear with white jeans. Never fear, oh fashion-forward one. White jeans are fair game during spring and summer, and it's one of the easiest colors to match because it goes with almost anything. If you're feeling shy, just remember that old fashion adage—it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it.

  1. Solid tees. A worn in dark-gray, faded red, or jersey blue v-neck will make your white jeans look super casual and laid back. If you want to make more of a statement, go for a primary green or blue.
  2. A white tee and loud shoes. Seriously. A white v-neck can look crisp and clean when paired with white denim. Throw on an interesting pair of shoes (snakeskin or brightly-colored Converse come to mind) and they’ll really pop against your blank pallet. Try to avoid white shoes with white jeans, because they can look bland.
  3. Button-downs in bright and bold prints. When wearing button down shirts with white jeans, brighter colors work better than neutral colors. Go for one with a white base and a bright paisley, geometric or stripped pattern in royal blue, icy blue, purple, red or black. Experiment, but stay away from bland light gray or cream button down shirts.
  4. A white or black jacket. If you need to dress up your white jeans, opt for a white jacket over a bold-print button down, or a black jacket over a tee. Black and white are so versatile that there are endless options for mixing and matching.
  5. A dark vest. If you want to dress up your white jeans, try pairing it with a dark vest. Navy, black or dark gray vests work really well, especially if they have white piping. Any vest will bring an air of dapper sophistication.
  6. A neutral cardigan. If cable-knit is your thing, try a cardigan in cream, light gray or navy. Neutral knit colors contrast nicely with white denim.
  7. A bare chest. If you have the body and it’s hot out, wear your white jeans with the top half of your birthday suit. Warning: this may make women want to touch you, specifically if you’re underneath palm trees and a starry sky.
  8. Ditch the belt. White jeans have classic lines that will naturally shine, so leave the belt behind.
  9. Carry yourself confidently and strut like you own the place. It will make your white jeans look that much more sexy.
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