What To Wear To A White Party

Party invitations can sometimes be confusing, so if you have ever wondered what to wear to a white party, this article is for you. White parties are surprisingly formal, even though the atmosphere is generally fresh and fun. Prepare to do some extra planning when accepting an invite to a theme event like the white party. The dress code is often strictly enforced, and it is not enough to just pull on a white T-shirt and some white slacks. That is not quite in the spirit of the festive event. White parties usually have black lights that will really make the white outfits pop. Don't be invisible with a boring outfit.

  1. Purchase a white suit. If white isn't your color, off-white is acceptable. Look in stores such as Banana Republic for a lightweight, stylish suit.
  2. Wear a light colored shirt underneath the suit. Go with a shirt that suits your personal style. A clean T-shirt looks better on some men than a button-down shirt. 
  3. Consider sporting a white vest rather than a suit coat. Pull it over a white shirt of any style for a formal, yet cooler look.
  4. Consider going creative. While white is a simple theme, there are many ways to interpret it. Costumes are often acceptable and expected at white parties.
  5. Look for vintage formal wear or a thrift store puffy shirt. Be sure the white is very white if you are going this route. Bleach it or take it to the dry cleaners to see if it can be brightened if it looks a little dingy.
  6. Choose a pirate shirt from a Halloween store, or make your own. Shred the bottom and cuffs of a loose white button-down shirt. Pair with cuffed white jeans and sandals. 
  7. Pop on a white wig.  A short, spiky, white wig will be sure to make you the center of attention.
  8. Wear a white lab coat and scrubs to a white party. Keep everyone calm by announcing your arrival, "There is a doctor in the house."
  9. Angel wings over a white suit is another option for a stand-out outfit. Look for a large pair in a Halloween store. They usually have straps for your arms to slip through; if the straps are not large enough to go over a suit jacket, add more elastic. 
  10. White face makeup or even white contacts can be used to make a white party outfit even more amazing.
  11. White hats of all kinds can be added to your white outfit. Consider a sailor hat, white cowboy hat, white fedora, white bowler or white top hat. Look in a costume shop or online for a hat that will work with your particular outfit. 
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