What To Wear With White Plaid Shorts

Many people steer clear of white plaid shorts, due to the fact that it is difficult to determine what to wear with white plaid shorts. Plaid has gained a bad name due to the difficulty in creating the perfect outfit. Yet, white plaid shorts can look amazing with the right shirt. These five shirts are excellent choices to wear with white plaid shorts.

  1. Solid Color Polo Shirt: Depending on the color of the plaid stripes in the white plaid shorts, a solid color Polo shirt is the perfect compliment. Look for shirts that are just plain enough to compensate for the plaid stripes. A bold royal color is often the best choice. During summer months lighter baby blues and powdered colors work best.

  2. Golf Shirt: These shirts can be tricky. The general rule of thumb is to remember to use a plain solid color golf shirt. Consider tucking in the golf shirt to make the ensemble more stylish. Be sure that the colors of the golf shirt correspond to the plaid colors of the short

  3. Plain White T-shirt. This can be done easily. Tucking in the T-shirt gives the entire outfit a neat appearance and brings the focus to the shorts. Never wear a plain white t-shirt with with completely white plaid shorts. It is also a good idea to always tuck the t-shirt for a neater appearance. Steer clear of V-neck t-shirts for this ensemble.

  4. Solid Color Sportshirt: A solid color sportshirt is the perfect match for white plaid shorts. This shirt allows the shorts to be worn in a less casual environment. Remember that a long sleeve shirt should never be worn with white paid shorts. It is also a good idea to remember to color coordinate the shirt to the stripes on the plaid white shorts.

  5. Short Oxford Sleeve Shirt: This shirt generally corresponds with anything. White is a safe color here. If your white plaid shorts are completely white, then consider a basic color. These shirts are generally easy to wear and breathable. Tuck the shirt in for a less casual look.

These five shirt options are all great choices when considering what to wear with white plaid shorts. The key to remember is that unless the plaid shirt is an exact match for the shorts then it is a good idea to not wear it. Basic plain colors and designs correspond wonderfully with plaid.

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