What To Wear White Water Rafting

If you're going to go, it's important to know what to wear white water rafting. When deciding what to wear, you will want to take into consideration environmental factors such as temperature and difficulty of the rapids. If you are going on a guided rapid, or going through a company, you'll want to find out what they will provide for you.

  1. Life jacket. Safety should come first when deciding what to wear white water rafting. If you are going to the rapid through a company or with a guide, they will often provide your personal flotation device for you, but check this first. A life jacket is very important, because if you are to fall off the raft, it will keep you, hopefully, above water.
  2. Helmet. This can be optional when deciding what to wear white water rafting. Although, it is always a good idea. Some larger rapids require you to wear helmets. Depending on the company through which you're rafting with, they may or may not require helmets and possibly provide them.
  3. Water shoes. More likely than not, your feet will be wet the entire rafting trip. So, when you decide what shoes to wear white water rafting, take this into consideration. Water shoes are generally cheap, and a great idea. They will help you to not slip on the slick, wet surfaces.
  4. Top. When choosing a top to wear white water rafting, remember that it will probably get wet. The temperature factor is very important to consider here. Some might merely wear a bathing suit top, while in colder temperatures you will want to wear a wet suit and water proof jacket. Don't just consider the outdoor temperature, but the water temperature. Some rapids can be considerably cooler than the outside temperature.
  5. Bottoms. Just like choosing the top, when you're choosing your bottoms to wear white water rafting, you need to consider the temperature. You might go a bathing suit or shorts option or a wet suit and water proof pant option. Make sure that your clothing is water resistant and not water absorbent.
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