What To Wear To Winter Wedding

If you are a male faced with what to wear to a winter wedding, there are few important areas you should have covered. If you have all of these things then you will avoid looking out of place. Just keep in mind this guide is intended only for the men who are just attending the wedding and not actually in it.

  1. A Nice Pair of Slacks. Unless it is specifically stated everyone should be in a tuxedo, which most weddings won’t, you don’t need to worry about being that formal. A nice pair of slacks is perfect for a winter wedding. Good colors to go with include tan or black for the winter wedding. Just make sure that whatever color you choose there is a matching shirt to go with it!
  2. A Matching Long Sleeve Collared Shirt. Some good choices for a winter wedding are once again tan and black  but one thing you want to avoid is if you wore black pants is a black shirt because you don’t want to look like you are going to a funeral, so white is another good choice. Some vertical stripes are an option for a collared shirt since it is difficult to find a plain white dress shirt.
  3. A Matching Undershirt. If you want to look great at the winter wedding an essential is an undershirt. It should be the same color as the base color of the over shirt such as white, black, or tan. Make sure to get a thinner material for this shirt to cut down on sweat as much as possible because even if it is a winter wedding, you can still get overheated!
  4. A Light Jacket. Unless you’re having a winter wedding where it is below freezing, you should definitely avoid the oversized coats because they will definitely look tacky. A light jacket that matches the pants is usually a good looking combination. Hoodies and sweater are definitely not acceptable!
  5. Nice Shoes. A pair of nice shoes for a winter wedding usually follows a few rules to be constituted as such. They are closed toed and they aren’t tennis shoes. If the shoes follow both of these then you should be fine, just try and make them black just because this is the normal, safest thing.


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