What To Wear For Work

Want tips on what to wear for work? Unless you are a porn star, the people you work with are hardly likely to see you naked. What you wear to work, therefore, will become an inseparable part of your image. And you may sculpt this image to suit your purpose by carefully selecting what you wear to work.

  1. Highlight your skills with what you wear to work. Focus the eyes of your observers on what you wish them to notice. If you are highly reliable, wear neat, classic fashion to work. If you are highly artistic,  wear unique, eclectic fashion to work. Want to impress clients with your success? Wear subtle inferences of wealth. What you wear to work will then distract the observer from seeing attributes that may negate the impression you are trying to create. A beautiful woman might look like a bimbo in a tight mini skirt, but intelligent and imposing in a formal suit and glasses.
  2. Avail yourself of stereotypes in what you wear to work. Stereotypes represent commonly accepted truths. We expect to see a doctor in a white coat, not a shorts and sandals. Would you hire a dog walker who wore tight leather pants and stiletto heels?  What we expect a person to wear to work in many ways reflects the nature of the job itself. Learn to identify the core image of your work and embrace its salient stereotype, while adding your own personal touches around it, to help you stand out from the crowd.  
  3. Show consideration for others in what you wear to work. Unless you are a forest ranger in the middle of nowhere, what you wear to work will affect the people around you. If you look so beautiful that you become intimidating, what you wear to work may become your means of making everyone else feel ugly by comparison. If you strongly believe in a cause, what you wear to work should not turn you into a walking billboard; leave those witty T-shirts at home. Body piercing has no place at work, nor tattooed arms, unless you work at a tattoo parlor. Adhere to normality and use what you wear to work as your means of covering up intimate details that are better shared outside the workplace, like the cup size of your bra or the shapely curves of your buttocks.
  4. Let what you wear to work be a reflection of your culture, time, and place. Humans are social beings that often assess each other by social behavior. What you could wear to work two hundred years ago in the Wild West will make you seem insanely out of place in present day New York. What you wear to work should confirm that you have a clear grasp of the time and place you live in, as well as the cultural mores of your day. If you can play by the rules when it comes to what you wear to work, you will be accepted as a viable team member in getting the job done.
  5. Let what you wear to work vouch for how good you are at your job. First impressions are critical in the business world. New clients, co-workers and customers will formulate a quick assessment of you based primarily on what you wear to work and the image those clothes create. Take a moment to imagine the ideal person for your job from the point of view of someone he can’t do your job himself. You may know that cleaning gutters will always get your clothes dirty. But the person hiring you may not be so understanding if you show up at his door wearing soiled garments. Let what you wear to work vouch for you; let your clothes confirm what you already know—that you are the best man for the job.



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